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Ruijin hotel restaurant beautiful decoration, elegant out of the ordinary, with 22 separate luxury VIP rooms, spacious and comfortable office of Fairview Park, a brilliant style of golden hall and beautiful scenery of the fifteenth floor banquet hall, the blend of Hakka cuisine and Hakka snacks, thoughtful and meticulous service, exquisite delicious produced, ensure the distinguished guests to enjoy the value of extraordinary. Fairview hall can accommodate 600 people dining at the same time, the renovation to the festive tones, with soft lights and first-class audio equipment wedding, opening ceremony, housewarming best choice
Banquet hallReal appreciation
Fifteen - floor banquet hall can accommodate 380 people dining, there can be 360 degrees overlooking the beauty of Tai po.
Business Hours:8:00-22:00
Reservation phone: 0753--5185688 5187388
Golden HallReal appreciation
Magnificent golden hall has a strong Chinese style palace style architecture, which can accommodate 300 to 400 people meeting or banquet, the floor clear height of 11.8 meters, area of more than 1000 square meters, multimedia video system, more than 200 inch large screen projection. Deluxe linear audio! Can expand the stage, wide background wall, floor type curtain lighting, is held in the international business conference of the ideal convergence of the.
Business Hours:8:00-22:00
Reservation phone: 0753--5185688 5187388
Splendid hallReal appreciation
Splendid hall architectural style unique, luxurious and elegant, fully functional, can accommodate 600 people dining, is committed to providing quality wedding services for every pair of newcomers.
Business Hours:8:00-22:00
Reservation phone: 0753-5185688 5187388

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